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Army Physical Readiness Training
Get the current promotion cut-off scoress and promotion information
New Army Physical Readiness
Army PRT Videos and FM 7-22 you can
also get the latest information about the
new Army Physical Readiness Test
Enlisted Promotion Cut-off Scores
Get the latest Enlisted Promotions
Information and updates for the new
Promotion Point System >
View and Download Army Publications
Army Publications
View, Download and Print all available
Army Regulations, Field Manuals and
DA Forms. Some Forms are available
in MS Word Format.
Publications >
Army Training
Military Training
Get Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills for
your next Unit Training. OPORD
Examples and Risk Assessments are
also available in our
Army Training Page.
Army Counseling Statement Examples
Army Counseling Statement Examples
Counseling examples for disrespect,
APFT Failure, Late for duty, Lost Military
ID and many more
Counseling Examples
NCOER Bullets and examples
NCOER Bullets
NCOER comments and Duty  descriptions
for your next Noncommissioned Officer
Evaluation Report.
NCOER Examples
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Army Powerpoint Classes
We have a variety of Army Powerpoint
classes available for download and
modifications to suit your training needs.
Download Army PPT Classes >
Army Powerpoint Classes
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The Senior NCO and Commanders Guide
The Senior NCO Guide
Get over 40 pages of reference
information for everyday use such
as: Counseling, Overweight,
Soldier Debt, Corrective Training,
Family care plans, Leave policy,
Reenlistment and many other
issues that NCOs handle while
taking care of Soldiers
Military Awards and NCOER
Our team of retired Noncommissioned
Officers can write your NCOER or Military
Award in less than 24 hours guaranteed
Help writing your Military Award