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New Army Physical Readiness Training (APRT)

This Test is on Hold pending further studies (NOV 2012)

The new Army Physical Readiness Test (APRT).
The following information comes from Appendix A,
of the upcoming revision to
TC 3-22.20, the APRT event
sequence is as follows:

60-yard progressive shuttle run


standing long jump


1.5-mile run

The APRT order of events cannot be changed. There are no exceptions to this sequence. The following
paragraphs describe procedures for APRT administration. On test day, the OIC/NCOIC briefs Soldiers on
the purpose and administration of the test. The OIC/NCOIC explains test administration including the
scorecard, scoring standards and test sequence. In addition, the wearing of unauthorized items such as
nasal strips, braces, elastic bandages, weightlifting gloves, electronic devices (IPODs or cell phones) are

Test instructions for the 60-yard progressive shuttle run, rower, standing long jump, push-up and 1.5-mile
run are read prior to conducting the preparation drill and military movement drill 1. From the beginning of
the 60-yard progressive shuttle run to the completion of the 1.5-mile run, the total time elapsed should not
exceed four hours. Upon completion of all events,
the recovery drill will be conducted.

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